Cronut® – Dominique Ansel Bakery New York Pre-Orders

Bear with us...we're a bakery, not Google, and we can't control the site traffic. We built this website as a means to help customers find an alternative way to reach us, but we also experience very heavy traffic, so certain times the site may stall. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience. We do offer the items daily in the bakery and welcome you to visit!

Welcome to the official Cronut® Pastry Preorder system (Beta) of Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York City, the birthplace of the Cronut® pastry! This allows you to reserve and pre-purchase your Cronut® pastry. For more information on how to get the Cronut® in alternative ways , please visit us at: Please note that these pre-orders are for IN-STORE PICK UP HERE IN NYC ONLY.


  • Every Monday at 11am EST sharp, we will open up the system for PREORDERS. The site will NOT be opened for orders before then.
  • Orders are taken for the entire week two weeks out from the Monday date. For example, on Monday, November 19th, we open preorders for pick-ups the entire week of Monday, December 3rd - Sunday, December 9th.
  • Guests can pre-order a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 12 Cronut® pastries per person per week. Please do not attempt to order from multiple dates below or above this maximum number as it could interfere with your order from showing up on our systems.
  • Please make a note of your pick up date and time as due to the volume of orders, we are unable to send reminders prior to pick up.
  • Our items cannot be resold or advertised without permission, which will lead to an immediately cancellation of the order.
  • Due to large amount of customer requests, we are unable to provide extra Cronut® pastry boxes for each order and charge an additional $1.00 (the direct price from our suppliers)  for each extra custom Cronut® box. We will package each Cronut® in the appropriate size box for the full order.
  • **ALL SALES ARE FINAL. NO REFUNDS, EXCHANGES, OR RESCHEDULED DATES. PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE SALES TAX.  (Items not retrieved on the set pick up date will have to be disposed as the pastries are highly perishable.)


Thanksgiving Day (Thursday, November 22, 2018): 7am - 1pm
Christmas Eve (Monday, December 24, 2018): 8am - 5pm
Christmas Day (Tuesday, December 25, 2018): CLOSED
New Year's Eve (Monday, December 31, 2018): 8am - 5pm
New Year's Day (Tuesday, January 1, 2019): CLOSED


  • Once you have secured a Cronut® pastry pre-order, please print out your receipt and bring it to the shop. The order is linked to the NAME/EMAIL on the order, so please make sure you supply the cashier with the right name.
  • Some customers let us know they do not receive a receipt directly from us due to filters. Please note in that case, we can refer to your Paypal receipt.
  • You do not need to wait in line to pick up a pre-order and can go straight to the cashier. Please note that we may have heavy traffic at times, and so we appreciate your patience in waiting as we fetch your order.
  • Please make sure to enjoy your Cronut® pastries immediately, as they are baked fresh every day and have quite a short shelf life of just about 6-8 hours.

We make one flavor of the Cronut® pastry per month. For November 2018, the flavor is Sweet Potato Crème Patissiere, filled with sweet potato ganache and crème patissiere, and orange zest sugar outside.  For December 2018, the flavor is Valrhona Dulcey Chocolate Gingersnap, with Valrhona Dulcey (a buttery smooth blonde chocolate) ganache and gingersnap ganache.

We will announce the December flavor on the last week of November. Price per Cronut® pastry: $6.00 (*price does not include sales tax.*) Note: because of the high demand and small inventory, it is easy for a day to sell out between the time you load the page and by the time you press "Buy Now". Our apologies. Please try another date. If a purchase is not completed in 10 minutes, the items in the cart are released back to the inventory. This means that new inventory may be released from those held in shopping carts even after you see a "Sold Out" sign. Please do check back.

Price: $5.75

Monday, Dec 24Sold out.    
Wednesday, Dec 26Sold out.    
Thursday, Dec 27Sold out.    
Friday, Dec 28Sold out.    
Saturday, Dec 29Sold out.    
Sunday, Dec 30Sold out.